What are some natural herbal remedies used to treat overactive bladder (OAB)?

According to WebMD, here are ten of the most traditional herbal remedies for overactive bladder:

  • Gosha-jinki-gan: This ten-herb blend is one of the most researched. People who took it every day for eight weeks went to the bathroom less, according to Japanese researchers. Other studies have shown that it reduces the desire to urinate and helps with incontinence. It can function by blocking nerve signals to the bladder.

  • Hachi-mi-jio-gan (Hachi-mi-jio-gan) is a Chinese remedy consisting of an eight-ingredient mixture. It was shown in a Japanese study on animal tissue to reduce bladder muscle contractions.

  • Buchu (Barosma betulina) is a flowering plant native to the South African mountains that has been used as medicine since the 1650s. Coughs, kidney infections, stomachaches, and OAB have all been treated with it.

  • Cleavers: This herb is commonly brewed into a tea to treat urinary tract infections because of the thin, sticky hooks on the leaves.

  • Horsetail: is a fern that grows in swamps, marshes, and rivers and is named for its long, tail-like appearance. It's rich in antioxidants, which are believed to defend against aging's natural stressors.

  • Corn silk: These fine threads are a pain to shuck, but they're chock-full of vitamins and antioxidants. For decades, they've been used to treat urinary tract infections.

  • Ganoderma lucidum has been a staple in Chinese medicine for over 2,000 years. After 8 weeks, a Japanese study found that it reduced the desire to travel. Doctors believe it reduces levels of hormones that promote prostate development, which is one of the causes of incontinence in men.

  • Resiniferatoxin is made from a Moroccan cactus-like plant that has a scorching hot pepper-like burn. It works by blocking nerves in the bladder that tell your brain that you need to go. It can also help the bladder retain more liquid, resulting in less bathroom visits.

  • Capsaicin is the spicy compound that gives chili peppers their heat. It controls leaks, according to a small trial in Thailand. One disadvantage is that it can cause discomfort and irritation as a side effect.

  • Saw palmetto: This extract, derived from the berries of the dwarf palm tree, is used in Europe to treat problems caused by an enlarged prostate. According to research, saw palmetto compounds can help to relieve OAB by interacting with nerves in the urinary tract.

Note that we are not medical doctors, and this is not to be considered expert medical advice. A naturopath, holistic doctor, or a specialist who specializes in complementary medicine may help you make informed decisions on this topic. Please consult your primary care physician or urologist before beginning any supplement regimen.

May 2, 2021

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